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January 17 2017

20170117 tma tinka PP01

December 20 2016

Behind the Scenes - Oneshot X-mas Film

December 19 2016

f*ck you 2016 - xmas Videogenerator

August 10 2016

Golif - Observed (Teaser01)

June 23 2016

T-Mobile - Sing mit dem Kapitän

June 13 2016

Das mit dem Älterwerden - Teaser

February 24 2016

T-Mobile Austria Onlinespots - Behind the Scenes

December 01 2015 - Werbespot online

October 06 2015

Kaahee Introanimation

September 18 2015

Viral Spot - Wienwahl 2015

September 15 2015

Kahee - 1 Million Flaschen können sich nicht irren

September 04 2015

Chrysalide - Vienna Fashionweek 15

September 01 2015

Chrysalide - Fashionfilm Behind the scenes

August 06 2015

Chrysalide - Trailer Fashionweek 2015

July 06 2015

A1 MPLS Network Service - Sampleanimation

June 22 2015

T.O.C. Explainervideo

June 10 2015

Rauchfrei Vorbild Video - Ronny Tekal

June 09 2015

Making of Intro

May 10 2015

News TV Spot (15 Sekunden)

February 05 2015

1580 90c6 500


Rose Colored Gaming is making its own handheld ⊟

Advancing from its business of beautiful customized versions of Game Boys and other consoles, Rose Colored Gaming is working on its very own device. The Pascali is a Raspberry Pi-based console with a laser cut case, that plays NES, SNES, MAME, CPS-1, Neo Geo, Game Boy/Color/Advance, Game Gear, PC Engine, Sega Master System, Genesis, DOS, Apple 2, Atari 2600, and other games — via emulation, of course. It doesn’t have a dozen different circuitboards and cartridge slots buried in it.

And! It outputs to a TV via HDMI.

There’s no release info yet, and this is still a prototype, but I want one.

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